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Super 110's 
100% Merino Wool


100% Cotton Made Corduroy 

Graduation Super 110's Pure Wool


This collection is created with the finest merino wool and is always the best choices for one pays attention to style yet not foregoing the qualities of comfort. The high degree of self-efficacy is maked in each and every "Graduation".

Cord Corduroy from Italy

This Collection is made with Italian Finest cotton and it combined with natural robustness and softness. The Corduroy fabrics has become more and more of a trend piece in recent years in Paris Fashion show recently.


About Volendo Vector

The enduring importance of fabrics is understandable for every one's every day lives no matter clothing , furnishings, symbolic communication and commerce. Volendo Vector select the best quality fabrics to whom like suiting fashion and enjoy to share more ideas and stories about the fabrics.

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